What is TrustLogicsTM?

TrustLogicsTM is a 'Patent Pending' disruptive technology solution. It is powered by decentralized technologies that enables professionals to build credible global profiles, facilitate pre-screening and private networking supported by artificial intelligence.

Why TrustLogicsTM?


Verified Profiles

Background check (Education, Work, Criminal, Licenses, etc.) will be on offer and performed by authorized agents.


Global Information Gateway

Users can set permission rules defining who can access what profile data across multiple platforms.



Scan TrustLogicsTM QR code to view or apply to job postings and connect with recruiters.



Scan TrustLogicsTM QR code to view or apply to job postings and connect with recruiters.


Global Availability Status

With one-click Job Seekers can update and allow global viewing of availability status.


Auto Sync

Automatically sync profile and contact information across network connections in real time.


Blockchain Enabled

Identity Management and data storage on Blockchain.

job seeker

Are you a Job Seeker?

  • Secure your private data & authorize your Recruiter preferences
  • Maintain your availability status and avoid unwanted calls when you are not searching in the job market
  • Scan and submit job applications
  • Network with recruiters to find your ideal job easily
  • Avoid repetitive filling of data on all job applications
  • Verifying your profile can gain more trust from recruiters

Are you finding the right Candidates?

  • Hire verified profiles; avoid BGC failures after hiring
  • Know candidate's availability before you contact them
  • Get more submissions with QR submit
  • Know more about your prospect with network connect

Who We Are

Our philosophy

We value transparency displayed through authenticity and openness in ways that can be verified and validated.

Carefully preserving a culture of trust wherein our collective identity, whereby integrity as demonstrated through clarity of intent, straightforward motives, and congruent/consistent behavior is evident.

There is a shared standard of precision and excellence in our work, that demands a pervasive attitude focused on challenging the accepted limits of quality and delivery, and beating the establish status quo.


Our history

In 2015 after more than 10 years of managing a dynamic staff and recruiting agency, the challenge of creating a global standard that would facilitate crucial elements of the job search and hiring process moved from feasibility to concept. The concept went from initial software development to a successful "Alpha" trial.

Further development and expansion on the initial scope of the project based on the results of the Alpha trial reinforced the tremendous possibilities of concept. This led to the commitment of additional resources, including a multifunction management team, that resulted in the TrustLogicsTM "Beta trial" and launch of service in quarter four of 2017.

Platform Features

check services

Background Check Services

Various background check services ranging from criminal to authentication of qualifications and certifications will be on offer.

job listings

Job Listings

Recruiters will have a provision that facilitates job listing within their network. This will become more of a benefit as recruiters grow and expand their networks in the global market.


Secured Messaging System

Send TrustLogicsTM messages to your connections even when you do not have their contact information.

Comming Soon

Reputation Building System

TrustLogics TM Smart Search AI and power of Smart Contract helps users build their reputation by getting their Education, Previous Employment history and Skills verified.

Comming Soon

Peer-to-Peer Hiring

TrustLogicsTM helps Recruiter find a right candidate by deploying a Smart Contract per Job request & notifying must suitable peers, who gets to refer candidates whom they feel are right.

Comming Soon

Independent service provider

Skilled labour can maintain their digital portfolio of ratings and reviews which they can levarage to get more leads.

Mobile App for YOU!

The TrustLogicsTM app is designed to make it easy for you to use your smartphone and take advantage of the many features that prove even more valuable when on the move.

For example, the ability to use QR codes to create links to various websites, or to load recruiter and company details at job fairs. At the same time, the app gives full access to your dashboard, allowing access to your profile, and giving yourself the means to share resumes and other important information in real time and without the need for hard copies.

Not only will the app give you the ability to perform updates any time and anywhere, it will also provide updates to your profile, job status, and job search details.



Job search on the go! Get updates from everywhere.


Recruiter Ratings

Search and sort recruiters in your area based on their ratings


Share Contacts

Confidently share your contact details with recruiters.



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